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Kid's animated gifs and clip art

animated gif letter kanimated gif letter ianimated gif letter danimated gif letter s
animated gif letter panimated letter aanimated gif letter ganimated gif letter e
cute cartoon lion-Easter egg bunny-animated ant-animated dragon-brown cartoon mouse-a clown.

Hi kids. These pages are here just for you. Please take as many animated gifs or clip art as you wish, you can use them on your web page, your school work, computer, emails or whatever you like. Right click on the animated gif or clip art you want and save it to your computer. Some of the animated gifs and clip art are transparent, this means they will look the same on your background as they do on this white background, and some are on a white background. Have fun!!

Cute lion clipart An egg bunny, clipart
A big ant animated gif Cute dragon animated gif
A brown mouse clipart A clown clipart

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Kids Animated gifs & Clip art